Hi! I’m Jordyn Kaylor Rabiei…

Have you ever felt that you weren’t living out your true purpose?
Me too. I spent years working as a referral coordinator at a pediatrician’s office, but I felt like something was missing. I didn’t dislike my job, but I certainly didn’t meet every day with excitement and passion. I knew I had to make a change and follow my dreams, even if I didn’t fully know what that meant for me just yet.

I left my job and began a job search, but I couldn’t find anything I was passionate about. I’ve always loved to cook, but I never considered it as something I could do full-time.

I went for my dreams anyways.
I decided to push forward and started an online bakery by the name of Kordyn’s Kitchen. I love creating new dishes, but what I enjoy even more is the wave of happiness I feel from someone gushing over the food I’ve created. I finally felt like I had a purpose, and I knew I was getting closer to realizing my dream.

My wonderful partner, Sammy, worked beside me the entire time, helping as much as he could. He created my website, delivered my orders, and kept me company on late nights. I am beyond grateful for his support.

Then Came the Wedding Madness.
Fast forward to early 2021, Sammy and I were planning for our wedding. Any bride-to-be knows how much detail and energy goes into the planning process. We committed to being in the best shape for our wedding, and knew it had to start with the food we ate.

That's when we came up with the idea of meal prepping; it was cheaper than ordering take-out, plus I could design the menu! To meet our goal, I went into full meal-prep mode. I was planning, prepping and cooking all our meals. I loved it! Cooking is my passion and providing meals for the household truly brought me joy.

However, planning our wedding eventually got the better of me, especially in the weeks leading up to the big day, and I could no longer commit to making our meals.

That’s What Meal Prep Companies Are for…Right?
That’s what we thought too. So we decided to order a week’s worth of meals from one of the most popular meal prep companies in our area. We still wanted to maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially during our busiest of days.

To say we were underwhelmed would be an understatement. The food lacked flavor and substance, leaving us hungry and unsatisfied. We knew there had to be a better option

Introducing Simply Mealicious, A Tastier Alternative to Meal Prep.
After the wedding, we realized we had the perfect business opportunity. We were determined to create a meal prep company, providing convenience and nutrition without ever sacrificing taste. It all fell together so naturally. I was able to show off my cooking skills while Sammy worked on the technical side of the business, along with being the official taste tester.

Sammy got to work on the website, while I worked to perfect the recipes. My favorite part of the entire process was getting to spend so much time with my mother-in-law, learning all her Persian recipes. I took influence from cuisines around the world and perfected my Mediterranean and vegan recipes to incorporate them into the menu.

At the end of the day, we’re a family business that wants to share a better alternative to meal-prep. We’re proud of what we’ve created and are even more excited to share our creations with you. You don’t need to sacrifice your health or time to enjoy delicious meals. We promise.

~ Jordyn and Sammy Rabiei