Frequently Asked Questions

When/where are meals delivered?

All orders are delivered locally to residents of the greater Jacksonville area. Deliveries begin at 6pm on Sundays & Wednesdays.

What if I am not home when you deliver?

Meals are delivered in an insulated bag with ice packs and can remain in the bag for up to 5 hours before needing to be refrigerated. However, if you find yourself with a last-minute scheduling conflict, please contact us and we will make arrangements to fit your schedule.

Is the food organic?

We try to source as organically and as locally as possible. There are instances where our organic suppliers are unable to fulfill our orders. In these cases, rather than risk delivering an inconsistent product, we will opt for an alternate and possibly not organic supplier who can deliver the entire order. That being said, we are proud to serve only grass-fed beef, free-range and hormone-free poultry, cage-free eggs, wild-caught seafood, and non-GMO produce.

Will Simply Mealicious help me lose weight?

While we are more of a convenience-based meal service than a dietary meal service, we structure our menu with a health-conscious mindset. We avoid the overuse of butter, heavy cream, mayonnaise, and other unsaturated fats and focus on providing perfectly portioned and well-balanced meals. Our menu is extensive and provides plenty of options from clean and healthy to indulgently decadent and everything in between. Many see results simply due to the portion control that our meals provide.

Is there a referral program?

Yes! For every new member you send our way, you will receive $35 in meal credits on your account. This offer has no limit! Spread the word to your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. Our goal is for you to eat for free! We ask all new members how they heard about Simply Mealicious, so make sure they mention your name. However, if you use the "invite a friend" option on our website, the credit will be applied automatically!

What are the heating instructions?

Each meal will contain heating instructions on the label. We use compostable containers so you must remove the lid before heating. Also remove any cold items, garnishes, or sauces. All microwaves vary but we find the best results between 1:30-2:30 minutes.

Can I really cancel at anytime?

Absolutely! If you want to cancel for any reason, simply log into your account and click "cancel subscription". Any refunds due to cancellations will be given in the form of a Simply Mealicious credit.